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Transparent Service

We’re your neighbors and we love to talk shop. Spark up a conversation with our mechanics and get as many (or as few) details about your car repair as you’d like.

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Clean Facility

As mechanics, our garage is our sanctuary. That’s why we keep everything clean, organized, and easily accessible so your repairs get done right and in a timely manner.

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Experienced Care

From classic cars to complex electric vehicles, we’ve seen it all! When you bring us your car, we bring you over 25 years of experience in all types of auto and tire repair.

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Vail and Rita Ranch Car Owners Agree

Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire is consistently ranked as one of the top auto repair shops in Southeast Tucson. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built and continue to work hard to exceed customer expectations with every car we touch.

“Highly recommend this place for one main reason: they are honest. They don’t try to swindle you and tell you need a list of things done when you don’t. Beyond that they are fair with their prices, have good customer service, and do a quality job.” – Allie B.

“This is my complete unbiased opinion of Rita: These guys will take care of you and take complete pride in what they do and their name. I’ve given them a hefty amount of business over the last few months and they have been Johnny on the spot getting repairs done in days when I expect weeks and can do pretty quick diagnostics. While they’re human and may miss something, they will do everything in their power to make things right. I’ve dealt with many automotive repair shops in my time and these guys are the real deal. When asked they’ve lifted my vehicle to point out my issues, captured pictures of issues for my warranties, and given me their honest opinion of what is/isn’t necessary to be fixed. They’ve even been kind enough to give me a quick Eval on used vehicles I’m looking to purchase and saved me from loosing a chunk of change. I’m proud to give these guys my business and hope you will too after reading this.” – Brianna R.

We Keep Your Car Running

Tune ups to total rebuilds: We provide a variety of auto and tire repair services to keep your car running efficiently for the long haul.

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Oil Changes and Fluid Exchanges

We feature Valvoline products. Get a fast oil change or fluid exchange while you wait in our comfortable store.

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Before you hit the road, get your battery check. Need a new battery? We can help with that too.

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Safety first! We offer FREE brake inspections and a full line of brake services from experienced mechanics who care about your safety on the road.

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Dealer Maintenance

Get the same dealer maintenance services on any make or model without the high cost.

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Diagnostic Checks

Keep your car in top working order with diagnostic checks and system repairs.

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Engine Repair

Whether you need new belts or a full transmission rebuild, our experienced mechanics get the job done.

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FREE Tire Checks

Air pressure checks, TPMS light analysis, wear and tear inspection, and tire rotations are all provided “on the house.”

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Tire Repairs

From flat repairs and wheel balancing to an affordable new set of tires, we do it all.

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Air Conditioner and Heater Services

Drive comfortably in a climate controlled vehicle with air conditioner and heater repair services.

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Come in anytime to meet the mechanics and get an inspection on your car.