Best Car Battery Tips for Protecting Your Car During the Dog Days of Summer in Arizona

The annual ice break is inching up on us, Tucson! Once it hits, we’ll be living with a balmy triple digit forecast for months to come. As an Arizonan, you probably already have your “stay cool” plan in place – hang out by the pool, snack on refreshing Eegee’s, or plant yourself inside by the air conditioner. But what about your battery? How will it fare?

There are two factors that contribute to shorter battery life:

  1. Overcharging
  2. Excessive Heat

You can protect against the first one by not overcharging your battery, but the excessive heat is a little more difficult.

Why Heat Kills Your Battery

Hot temperatures cause your battery’s fluids to evaporate. As those fluids float out of your battery and into the summer heat, the internal structure of your battery is weakened.

Although it might sound like a hopeless cause in Tucson’s heat, it’s not. Here some of the best car battery tips for protecting your vehicle during the summer months.

Check your battery regularly

Does your battery need charging on a regular basis? Don’t let it go without charging – especially during summer.

Keep it clean

Dust can blow into your car’s engine and sit on top of your battery. The dirt acts as a conductor, which can drain your battery’s power. It can also corrode the battery terminal, which will slow the current flow.

Use the Goldilocks rule when it comes to charging your battery

You can damage your battery by overcharging or undercharging. Always make sure you’re charging your battery at just the right rate. If you’re not sure, or you’re worried you’re not doing this correctly, bring it in to Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire and we’ll help you out.

Stay vigilant for warning signs

If you notice your lights dimming, or if your car accessories aren’t performing up to par, it might be time to check your battery’s charge.

If the “check engine” light or battery warning light are illuminated, bring your car in to our shop to make sure nothing is wrong.

Making Your Battery Last Through Summer

Follow these tips and you’ll help your battery last through the heat of the Arizona summers. If your battery stops working, replace it with one that’s rated just as high (if not higher) as the original.

Need some extra help with any of this? Stop by today. We’re happy to take a look under the hood and help you understand the health of your car.

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