Car Safety Tips: What to Consider When Planning a Road Trip for Spring Break

Are you ready to get out of Tucson? Are you preparing to go somewhere fun during the Vail School District’s Spring Break?

While you start planning your next road trip, chances are you’re thinking of where to stop, what attractions to see, and how long it’ll take before you can kick your heels up and relax. What you might not be thinking about is what needs to happen before you leave so that you make it safely to and from your destination.

Before you pack up your car and set out on your road trip, there are a few things you should check to avoid car failure, extra expenses, and roadside stress.

Do you have the Owner’s Manual in your car?

You never know what will go wrong while you’re on the road. Be prepared with your Owner’s Manual easily accessible. Better yet, read it over before you leave town so you know what every warning light means and what items you need to bring with you.

Is your battery fully charged?

Don’t end your vacation on a low note with a dead battery. Make sure it is juiced up and ready to get you safely to and from your house. Not sure how to check it? Stop by and we’ll do it for you for free.

Are all your lights working properly?

Driving in an unknown location isn’t the time to discover that your brake lights or blinker have stopped working. Check all of your lights before you leave.

Are your heater and defroster working properly?

Not everyone is as fortunate as we are to have warm winter weather. Check your heater and defroster to make sure they’re working properly before you drive to a cold location.

Do you need new wiper blades?

Depending on where you’re going, you could see some rainfall. Make sure your wiper blades are functioning properly so that you can keep a clear line of vision while you make your way to your vacation destination.

When was the last time you flushed and refilled your cooling system?

Your car’s engine needs to stay cool in order to work efficiently and safely. If it’s been awhile since the last time you flushed or refilled your cooling system, you might want to stop by the shop before you hit the road.

Did you check your tires?

Tires are one of the top safety features on any vehicle. If your tires look bald, worn, or bare, it’s crucial that you replace them before taking a long road trip.

Did you check your brakes?

Your brakes are another essential safety item. If they feel soft or squeal when you press the brake pedal, get them checked before you leave town.

Did you check your oil?

Don’t add miles to your car with dirty oil in your engine. Stop by and have it changed before you leave. And if you’re pinching pennies, check out our coupons for some stellar deals on oil changes!

The last thing you want is a ruined vacation because of something that could have been prevented. If you have any concerns about the safety of your car, stop by and let us take a look at it free of charge before you hit the road! And as always, there’s no appointment necessary.

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