To our local residents,

When I bought the shop in 2014, I had one goal – to give back to the Vail and Rita Ranch community. In particular, I wanted to give back to the Vail School District.

This community holds a special place in my heart. I’ve lived here for over a decade. My children have grown up here attending schools in the Vail School District. I’ve watched as the area has grown and am inspired by how it continues to flourish. As a local business owner, I feel it is my fortune to be able to give back to the organization that has given so much to my family. That’s why every month I’m donating 10% of all oil changes that take place in my store to one of the Vail School District schools.

There are no secret words to mutter when you come to the counter. You don’t have to sing a song, carry a flyer, or even remember to make mention of the fundraiser. Simply bring your car into our shop for a regular oil change, let our mechanics give your car some love with Valvoline oil and drive away happy knowing you played a part in giving back to the children in our neighborhoods. We’ll automatically donate 10% of all oil changes to the school of the month.

I look forward to seeing you in the shop and around town.

~Terry Newman

Total Raised for the Vail Unified School District Through Our Monthly Oil Change Fundraiser: $11,780

Past Donations We’ve Made

April 2016: Cienega High School ($500)

Cienega High School Vail School District High School Local Businesses in Vail

May 2016: Esmond Station School ($600)

Esmond Station School

June 2016: Old Vail Middle School ($520)

Old Vail Middle School Old Vail Middle School OVMS

July 2016: Acacia Elementary School ($530)

Acacia Elementary School


August 2016: Ocotillo Ridge Elementary School ($525)

Ocotillo Ridge Elementary School

Ocotillo Ridge Elementary School

September 2016: Andrada Polytechnic High School ($455)


October 2016: Civano K-8 

November 2016: Mesquite Elementary School ($400)

December 2016: Sycamore Elementary School ($475)

January 2017: Desert Willow Elementary School ($525)

February 2017: Vail Academy & High School School ($325)

March 2017: Desert Sky Middle School ($400)

Desert Sky Middle School

April 2017: Corona Foothills Middle School ($300)

Corona Foothills Middle School

May 2017: Pantano High School ($300)

Pantano High School

July 2017: Cienega High School ($530)

Cienega High School Fundraiser

August 2017: Ocotillo Ridge Elementary School ($475)

September 2017: Esmond Station K-8 ($395)

October 2017: Copper Ridge Elementary ($350)copper ridge elementary school donation

November 2017: Senita Valley ($250)

Senita Valley Elementary

December 2017: Civano Community K-8 ($325)

Civano Community School

January 2018: Empire High School ($500)

February 2018: Old Vail Middle School ($450)

March 2018: Desert Willow Elementary School ($425)

April 2018: Vail Academy and High School ($400)

May 2018: Cottonwood Elementary School ($450)

June 2018: Rincon Vista Middle School ($425)

July 2018: Sycamore Elementary School ($450)

Sycamore Elementary School