Halloween Safety Tips for Drivers

Halloween is one of our favorite times of the year. We deck out the shop with skeletons, spiders, and jack-o-lanterns to get in the festive mood. On October 31, we’re out with our kids in the Vail and Rita Ranch neighborhoods, or offering up some fun frights to trick-or-treaters looking for a good Halloween scare.

As much as we love October 31, there is one thing we take very seriously – driving safety on Halloween night.

If you must drive around town on Halloween, here are a few tips to keep the ghosts and goblins roaming the street safe from car danger.

Avoid Over Saturated Areas

There are certain areas around Vail and Rita Ranch that see an influx of trick-or-treaters. If you know there will be a lot of kids on the street, do everything you can to avoid these areas.

Slow WAY Down

Sometimes, you have no choice but to drive into a neighborhood densely populated with costumed children. If that’s the case, hit the brakes. AAA recommends driving at least 5 mph below the speed limit.

Put Your Phone Away

It’s never safe to drive with your phone in your hand. On Halloween, the danger increases dramatically. No text, phone call, or song change is that important. Keep your eyes glued to the road, yards, and sidewalks looking for kids in costume.

Summon Your Driver’s Ed Teacher’s Voice

Remember what it felt like to be behind the wheel with your driver’s ed teacher? Summon his voice in your head so you remember every driving signal and rule in the book. If you’ve blocked that voice from your memory (and we can’t blame you if you have) here’s a friendly reminder of what to stay vigilant of this year.

  • Always use your turn signals.
  • Turn on your hazards if you need to pull over to drop off or pick up your children.
  • Communicate with other drivers on the road so everyone knows what you’re doing behind the wheel.

Turn on Your Lights – Even in Daylight Hours

Children and parents are on the lookout for cars more so this time of year. Many younger kids (and the children more likely to unexpectedly dart into the street) head out when it’s still light or around dusk. Turning your lights on early will make you more visible so both the kids and the parents see you.

Take Extra Care When in Reverse

Many parents and children won’t expect drivers to be on the road on Halloween. Trick-or-treaters might keep an eye out on the road, but they’re less inclined to look at driveways or alleyways. Take extra care when driving out of these dark areas in reverse. Go very slowly to ensure you’re seen. If you have a passenger with you, let them get out of the car and be your guide until you’re safely in the street and moving forward.

Expect the Unexpected

This is a spooky time of year. Lawn decorations come to life when a child walks by. If the child is fearful of these decorations, he or she might try to make a run for it out into traffic. Never assume because a child is walking safely on the sidewalk at he or she will stay there for long. Keep an eye on everyone and be prepared for children to move quickly in your direction at a moment’s notice.

As much as we’d like every trick-or-treater to have lights and reflective gear on, most do not. Keep the kiddos safe this year and have a happy Halloween by following these vital safety tips.

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