Here’s What You Missed at the Vail Country Fair

If you saw any of the advertising for the Vail Country Fair, then chances are you saw the Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire logo. We were proud to be the title sponsor of the event along with Hudbay Minerals.

What is the Vail Country Fair (and Why Did We Sponsor It)?

The Vail Country Fair is a free event open to the public filled with activities for children of all ages (adults too). This year there were activities, such as a petting zoo, kiddie ferris wheel, jumping castle and much, much more. There were also 6 food trucks from around the greater Vail community.

This was the seventh year the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce has put on the Vail Country Fair. The purpose is to connect the community with a fun event while putting businesses face-to-face with the community we serve.

This falls directly in line with the reason I acquired the business a little over a year ago. I live in this community, as do most of the staff. Our kids go to school here. Our families eat out here. We shop here. We love Rita Ranch and Vail.

When I learned about the Vail Country Fair, I knew it was an event I had to participate in. It was the perfect chance to get in front of the people we love to serve while having a little bit of fun. And fun we had!

We Sponsored the Event for You

We pride ourselves on not being your average auto shop. Unlike corporate chains that are out of touch with the local community, we wanted to start something where you felt safe and comfortable taking your car. The neighborhood feeling is something we are passionate about. More importantly, we know you are too.

At the fair, we had a booth with a tire toss game that was perfect for all ages. Fair goers got to try their hand at racing two tires (which is not as easy as it looks) or seeing how far they could throw them.

Perhaps more fun was the spark plug contest we offered for a chance to win a $250 gift certificate to Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire.

We had a large jar on the table. To enter, all you had to do was get the guess closest to the number of spark plugs in the container without going over. We had a lot of entries but only one winner. The winner has been notified (but we are keeping his name secret to respect his privacy).

Thank You, Rita Ranch and Vail!

Ultimately our goal in participating in this event was to connect with you away from the shop and have some fun with the people we love to serve. We’re looking forward to doing the same event next year with a whole new twist.

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