How to Hire a Tow Truck to Get a Lift Into Our Car Shop in Rita Ranch

Whether your transmission went out, your engine overheated, or your car had an electrical fault, one thing is certain – having a car breakdown is downright frustrating. You’re busy! You have places to be and people to see. The last thing you need right now is for your car to fail you.

When the inevitable happens and your car breaks down, you need help – and fast. You know you’ll need to get a tow into our car shop in Rita Ranch, but who do you call? How do you know what tow company is the best one for you?

Here are a few things to consider before you pick up that phone.

Don’t Take the First Truck to Arrive

If an unmarked truck pulls up alongside your broken down vehicle offering you a ride, be wary. The driver might seem nice but do your due diligence before letting him drive away with your vehicle.

A few things you should look for before entrusting your car to the tow company are:

  • Federal Department of Transportation ID numbers on the truck;
  • License numbers;
  • The driver’s ID.

Without these, you run the risk of giving your car to a towing company that isn’t insured or registered. If something goes wrong during the transport over to Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire, you might be paying more than you bargained for.

Sign Where it Matters

The placement of your signature is just as important as signing the document itself. Sign the contract next to or close to the dollar amount for the transport. If the signature line is buried far below that line, initial next to the total quoted price. This will make it much harder for the towing company to tack on extra unexpected expenses.

Take Pictures

Moving your car onto and off of the tow truck’s platform is another cause for concern. This is especially concerning if you aren’t going to be at our Rita Ranch car shop when your car arrives to watch the tow company unload your vehicle. If something goes wrong and your car gets scratched, you could be paying for damage caused by the truck company. Taking pictures before your car gets loaded onto and off of the truck will help you in case you need to file any claims.

Check Your Insurance

When looking for a towing company, check with your insurance or any other third-party coverage first. You might have towing included in your policy, which would save you the out of pocket expense. If you already know you have towing included, check to find out which companies you’re allowed to use so you don’t risk getting denied a claim.

Ask Around

If you’re still not sure which towing company to use, ask around. Chances are some of your friends have been in your same position. They can let you know what they loved (or didn’t love) about working with their tow truck company. You can also ask around on Facebook for reviews.

Our Rita Ranch car shop frequently recommends using Red and White Towing. Put their number in your phone for quick access if you get stranded: (520) 881-2277.

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  1. Andy Harrison

    Great advice on getting a tow truck! You are very right that all tow trucks should have some sort of federal ID on the side. This way, you know it is registered and insured. Also like you said, take pictures of your car just in case something like a scratch happens.

    1. PAUL

      Great article guys. Learn something new everyday.
      Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sam Wilkins

    I liked your tip about asking around if you don’t know who to hire. I would feel a lot more comfortable hiring towing services that a close friend or family member has used and trusts. I’m going to look for a company before anything happens so I can be prepared. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Noel Asmar

    It is better if you seek for the nearest towing company or the company that have scattered networks all around the corners of a town. You should first ask their distance and payment policy, in order to know if you will have to make an upfront payment, also know their towing fee.

  4. Roger Middleton

    I have been needing to get my car removed out of the driveway for a while now to get it to the repair shop. I really liked that you had mentioned that it could be very helpful to ask around to see if someone you know can recommend a towing company. Once I start asking around I’ll hopefully be able to find a reasonable towing company that can get my car to the shop.

  5. Lary Cook

    It is important to be smart and careful always double check with the company and the towing truck and never let them tow your car without showing an ID. Presence of mind is really important in this situation so that you don’t incur any kind of loss.

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