How to Know if You Need a Transmission Repair in Tucson, AZ

Tucson goes from hot to temperate, humid to dry, or freezing to needing to peel off the layers in no time. Our ever-shifting weather is only one of the outside forces your car has to deal with on a daily basis. Over time, these weather changes together with the extra mileage put on your car can lead to you needing a transmission repair from a Tucson AZ mechanic.

Here are a few ways to know if your transmission is on the brink of failing.

1. Your transmission feels like it’s struggling or slipping.

Have you ever cruised down Houghton with a steady flow of traffic when suddenly your car felt like it shifted gears for no obvious reason? The engine hums louder and the tone goes higher. It’s an obvious gear change, but why? You push the gas pedal and it feels like your car won’t accelerate as fast as it should.

When this happens, it could signal a problem with your transmission slipping.

2. Your transmission is rough when it shifts.

Have you ever heard a clunk sound when you’re driving? How about a loud thud as the gears shifted? Usually, a transmission will make gear changes smooth and almost unnoticeable. Now, your car feels underpowered and rough.

As your transmission wears down, you could experience these common symptoms.

3. Your transmission won’t engage as quickly as it did before.

As you move your gear stick out of park and into drive, what happens? When you have a healthy transmission, it’ll transition rather quickly. When your transmission is in need of repair, the transition could be slower.

If you’re pushing on the gas pedal but the car isn’t moving forward as quickly as it should be, you might need a transmission repair.

4. You notice fluids leaking.

Sometimes, you’ll notice fluids leaking out of your car. Sometimes these could be condensation (especially after a monsoon). Other times, it’s a sign of a leaky transmission.

Lay down a cloth or cardboard to see if it’s an active leak. The fluid will have a red tint to it, which could range in hue from bright red to dark brownish red. If you see this, bring in your car so we can take a look at your transmission. Don’t try to refill the fluid first. Overfilling the fluid can cause further issues.

5. Your warning lights are on.

A warning light on your dashboard is a clear signal something isn’t quite right with your car. If you ever see a check engine light, bring your car in. It could be something as simple as needing to screw the gas cap on tighter, or it could be a transmission problem. We can diagnose the specific cause of this light appearing.

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  1. Nash Rich

    I don’t know much about car health, but I probably should. I haven’t had any of these problems yet, but it’s good to know what to look out for. I like number five, I have a friend that always seems to have the check engine light on, but he never takes care of it. Eventually what ever the problem is, it’s going to catch up with him. Thanks for all of these things to keep an eye on.

  2. Nash Rich

    I’ve noticed some drips on my driveway from my car and I got worried for a second. I think it’s just oil though, and there’s only a few. I’ll be sure to look out for the red stuff though. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. John Mahoney

    Thank you for talking about the importance of paying attention to the warning light in your car. It makes sense that as technology improves you would get better ways to know when you need to take your car in for repairs or maintenance. It is important to remember that finding a good shop can make a great deal of difference when it comes to getting good services.

  4. Peter Powers

    A convertible’s transmission system consists of various interconnected moving components, that are always rubbing and interacting with other internal and external parts present in the neighborhood. It means the whole arrangement is very complicated and almost each and every single stuff that is connected to the transmission system repeatedly exposed to friction and heat. So, if your speed machine is having a transmission issue, then it is crucial to catch it in the first place before causing an irreversible damage to the roadster. As replacing the transmission system is an expensive hassle, thus, it will be better to keep it maintained well so that you can save your wallet and enjoy the ride.

  5. Daisy King

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the car transmission. Transmission is one of an expensive and important component of the vehicle. So, regular maintenance of the transmission is really essential to keep it in working order. Transmission fluid plays important role in the performance of the transmission by reducing the friction among different components of the transmission. Lack of transmission fluid or use of burned transmission fluid could have catastrophic effects on the performance of the transmission. So, the condition of the transmission fluid should be inspected regularly and if necessary should be replaced after a certain time interval.

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