Warning Signs That It’s Time for Your Car’s Muffler to Visit Our Auto Repair Shop

Like many car concerns, recognizing a failing muffler early on is key to saving you loads of money on repairs.

Car mufflers links to your exhaust. It’s the part that keeps your engine running a little quieter so you don’t disturb the neighborhood on your way out each morning. Your car’s exhaust does even more. It keeps your gas levels running efficiently, while reducing emissions. Keeping it in line will help you pass those pesky emissions tests with flying colors.

Not sure when to bring in your car or how to tell if your muffler or exhaust are on the fritz? Here are a few warning signs it might be time to visit our auto repair shop.

A Loud Rumbling Sound

You might have noticed your car sounds a little different these days. The hum of the engine sounds more like a roar. As you drive yourself to work each day, you find you’re embarrassed by the noises coming from your car. If that sounds like you, it’s time to get your car in for an inspection.

The louder your car’s muffler gets, the more costly it’ll become. Continuing to drive your car with a loud, rumbling exhaust could cause damage to other areas of your vehicle. Get it fixed early on and your pocketbook will thank you for it.

A Change in How Your Car Starts

What happens when the noticeable change happens overnight? You start your car in the morning and suddenly it sounds louder and feels different. If that’s the case with you, your catalytic converter might be falling or it might have been stolen.

When your catalytic converter is starting to show its age, it’ll make your car sound like a box of rocks while idling.

Even though you probably aren’t familiar with a catalytic converter, neighborhood thieves are. This part is expensive and is often stolen to use as scrap metal. SUVs and trucks are especially at risk.

Not So Good Vibrations

While you’re driving down the road, you might start to notice a few vibrations that aren’t quite normal. The steering wheel might feel shaky. Your foot might get a small massage when you push on the pedal. You might even feel it in the car’s seat.

These aren’t good vibrations. They’re a sign of something going wrong in your exhaust. A hole or a leak can cause the engine to vibrate. Not only is this a warning sign of potential future damage, but it’s also a signal that your engine isn’t running at peak performance.

You’re Getting Bad Gas Mileage

Whenever you fill up at the pump, check your gas mileage. How many miles did you get per gallon on that tank? If the number seems unusually low, something is wrong. Chances are your exhaust or muffler are the culprit.

Bring your car into our auto repair shop at the first sign of any of these symptoms. We’ll take a look and let you know what you need to have done before the repairs get too extensive and costly.

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