Progress Report: What Our Tucson Mechanics are Adding to our 1966 Lincoln Continental

In April, our Tucson mechanics were thrilled to get a 1966 Lincoln Continental to use as our shop car. However, this car didn’t come to us ready to roll. It required a lot of cleanup work both inside the car and under the hood.

Since this car arrived at our shop a few months ago, we’ve been working hard during our slow times to spruce it up for you. It’s not quite ready to take you for a ride yet, but we’re well on our way. Check out some of the exciting things we’ve been able to add to this vintage vehicle.

The Radiator

The radiator was built by Ron Davis Racing. If you’re not a car parts lover like us, you might not be familiar with that name.



Ron Davis builds NASCAR radiators. He knows what it takes to create a radiator that encompasses high performance with smooth driving. But that’s not the only reason why this new part is so exciting – it has electric cooling fans.


Your modern car has electric cooling fans now, but back when this 1966 Lincoln Continental was created, they didn’t exist. We’re excited to be merging the new with the old while we make these exciting restorations. This is just one of the ways we’re making that happen.

The Engine

We’ve rebuilt the entire engine for the car to make it more powerful with better performance. This is the original engine restored with our favorite under-the-hood touches.



This Ford blue 462 cubic inch motor is completely rebuilt inside and out. It’s updated with a bigger cam. That means more horsepower and a faster (but still safe!) ride to and from your home while you wait.

The Transmission

This is another original part. We rebuilt it to give it new life. In it, we added a shift kit to keep your journey in the car as smooth as possible, no matter how many times we shift gears.



The journey with our newest shop car is just beginning. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to upgrade this vintage car into one you’ll love seeing drive around the streets of Rita Ranch.

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