Replace Your Windshield Wipers Before Monsoon Season

This Friday is the official start to monsoon season. Usually, the wet weather from the monsoon’s doesn’t arrive for another few weeks, but this year, it’s here early. On a drizzly day like today, you’re probably noticing that last year’s windshield wipers aren’t quite working as well as they should.

Now is the time to replace your windshield wipers if they’re not up to par. With the heavy downpours right around the corner, you need your windshield as clear as possible when the monsoon rains hit. More importantly, you want your wipers to last throughout the season so you’re kept safe all the way into the fall.

At Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire, we believe in extending the life of every component on your car – windshield wipers included. Here are a few tips to keep these important safety devices working long after you replace them, so you always have a clear line of sight on the road.

Clean Your Windshield Regularly

With the summer heat comes dry dust, mud from monsoons, and bug residue from slamming into insects at night. When this debris sticks to your windshield, it can cake on, making your window a little more abrasive. As you turn on your wipers, you can see them scraping across the debris. This is damaging. For your wipers to work well, they need to maintain their smooth surface. Scrapes and tears make that more difficult.

Clean your windshield often. Make it a habit to grab the wand at the gas station each time you fill up to clean away damage causing debris.

Repair Windshield Chips

Just like debris, chips in your windshield can damage your wipers. These small divots create a more abrasive surface. When the wiper scrapes over the same crack or chip, the smooth surface is continuously damaged in the same area.

Repair chips in your windshield quickly to maintain a smooth surface for your wipers. This isn’t just safer for your vehicle, but it also allows you to extend the life of your wipers.

Dust Your Wipers

Have you ever pulled up the windshield wipers and dusted them? If not, you should.

Cleaning the dust and debris off your windshield is one thing. Cleaning off the smooth surface that sticks to the window is another. Take a damp wet cloth and wipe down the inside of your windshield wipers (the part that sticks to the windshield). You might notice some black, rubbery residue. This is the fine rubber material that sheds as the wiper gets older. The more it sheds, the less it’s able to stick to your windshield giving you that clear line of vision. Gently clean away some of the loose rubber edges. But be careful! If you over clean your wipers, you could do more harm than good. Just wipe up and down a couple of times to get the loose rubber materials off.

If you need to replace your windshield wipers, now is the time to do it! Come in and get new ones from us. We’ll put them on for you, so you can drive away knowing your car is ready for monsoon season to hit.

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