Car Won’t Start? Our Rita Ranch Car Mechanics Explain What Could Be Causing You Trouble

It’s Monday. You’re in a rush as you get in your car to go to work. When you frantically turn the key, you hear… nothing. Your car (that you ironically named “Old Faithful)” won’t start. Now, you’re understandably frustrated. You pop open the hood of your car and peer inside realizing that there are many reasons why your car won’t start. Just about anything under the hood could be the culprit.

Now what? Although your day is getting off to a rough start, there is a silver lining. Most of the time when a car won’t start, it is caused by one of three factors.

Here are the most common reasons that a car won’t start.

1. Bad Battery

When you try to start your car, what do you hear? If the only sound coming from your engine is a few clicking noises and nothing else, chances are your battery is dead.

This is the most common reason for your car to not start.

In the Arizona dry heat, batteries corrode quickly. That’s the bad news. The good news is they’re easy to replace. Stop in and one of our Rita Ranch car mechanics can have it done for you in a jiffy.

2. Bad Sensors

In just about any car built after the 1980s, there are certain sensors in place to keep it safe and starting correctly. If one of these sensors fails, you could find yourself stuck.

One of the most common faulty sensors is the crank position sensor. When you turn your key in the ignition, you’re helping your car create a spark. The crank position sensor is the one that causes the spark needed to start your engine.

3. Bad Connections

Have you ever called a support center when your cable connection went out? Chances are the first thing they told you was to check if everything is securely plugged in. Your car is the same way.

If your battery cables and fuses aren’t properly connected, your car won’t start. These can come loose in a variety of circumstances. Check the connections (or stop by and we’ll check them for you) to make sure everything is properly sealed.

Need More Help?

It’s frustrating when your car won’t start. We get it. If you’re not sure what’s causing your car trouble, give us a call and we’ll be glad to troubleshoot the problem with you.

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