What You Should Know About Your Next Rita Ranch Oil Change

At Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire, we see many people bring in their car, hand over the keys, and then sit back and enjoy our free coffee and wifi while they wait. We’ve designed our waiting room to be relaxing for you. We want you to leave the car worries to us.

Still, it’s natural to wonder what’s happening when we pull your car into one of our bays. You appreciate our transparency, which is why we’re detailing everything you get when you bring your car in for one of our Rita Ranch oil change services.

What Happens During Your Rita Ranch Oil Change

As your car is pulled under the bay and one of our hard working mechanics gets cranking, here’s what happens.

1. We replace your oil with the Valvoline oil of your choice.

When you bring us your keys, we’ll find out what type of oil your car needs. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. We’ll explain the differences and give you our professional recommendation.

2. We check the fluids on your car.

Having clean oil in your car is only one piece of the equation. You also need clean fluids to keep your vehicle running smoothly. We’ll look at your windshield wiper fluid levels (important to have filled up during monsoons and winter weather), your coolant, and other fluids. When we check these, we want to ensure they’re clean so your car’s engine isn’t getting bogged down with dirt and grime.

3. We check your tires.

Your tires are one of the most important safety components on your car. We’ll give them a visual check to make sure they’re not balding or cracking. We’ll also take a look at how much air pressure you have. If you need more, we’ll fill it.

4. We rotate your tires.

When a tire balds or wears away on the sidewall, it spells trouble. By rotating your tires, you mix up the areas that see the most wear and tear. This is an important maintenance item that will extend the life of your tires. Some car shops don’t offer this service with an oil change. We do.

5. We put a sticker in your window.

Don’t worry about having to remember when to bring in your car or truck for its next oil change. We’ll leave a small sticker in your window reminding you of the date or mileage of when you’re due for your next oil change.

Let Us Show You Why You’ll Love Our Rita Ranch Oil Change Service

If you haven’t visited Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire, head over for your next oil change and let us wow you with our level of service. You never need an appointment.

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