Road Trip: Apple Annie’s in Willcox, Arizona

It’s fall ya’ll and for us in Vail, Arizona, that means a road trip down to Willcox is in order!

Willcox is a destination town for a quick road trip out of the Rita Ranch and Vail area. By far one of the biggest draws is Apple Annie’s. After 30 years in business, this has become a must on many Tucsonan’s Fall lists.

First Stop: Apple Annie’s Orchard

Whether you have kids or not, Apple Annie’s Orchard has something for you.

There are two locations where you can go embrace the beautiful Fall temperatures and pick a few fresh fruits and veggies.

First up is the fruit orchards. As the name implies, apples are big on the fruit picking list in these orchards. From  Golden Delicious to Red Delicious and everything in between, Apple Annie’s has just about every variety of apple you could imagine. Grab your pole and head out to the orchards to find the perfect ones for your next pie, snack or pork supper.

The orchards also have peach and pear varieties. Be sure to check the Apple Annie’s website before you go to see which fruits are in season and currently being harvested. You can’t predict what Mother Nature will have in store for the year’s crop so checking before you go is a good idea.

Next Up: The Apple Annie’s Country Store

When you’re done picking your favorite fruits, head inside the country store. Here you’ll find mouthwatering fudge and fresh baked pies. Try a slice a la mode while you enjoy the beautiful orchard scenery!

It never hurts to start your holiday shopping early either! Pick up some gifts from the country store and stow them away for December. These make perfect gifts for people who aren’t from Southern Arizona.

Don’t Forget! Get Your Pumpkin From Apple Annie’s Produce and Pumpkin Patch

A favorite Fall tradition in our families is to head down to Apple Annie’s and pick out our own pumpkins to carve. There are all types and varieties to choose from so you and your kids can each get one to suit your size and carving abilities.

While you’re there, pick up some bell peppers, black-eye peas, broccoli, squash, cucumber, eggplant, green beans, jalapeño peppers, or melons for your next dinner. You’ll be able to feast on fresh fruits and veggies while you enjoy a favorite Halloween tradition (and we love Halloween around our Rita Ranch auto shop).

Photo Credit: Apple Annie's Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Apple Annie’s Facebook Page

Every year, Apple Annie’s also puts together a corn maze to navigate through. This year’s theme: Nandi – Arizona’s first baby elephant.

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