Road Trip to Catalina Island

One thing Vail is missing is the beach. Although we have beautiful sunsets and plenty of scenery, we don’t have the stunning beauty of the coastline. To escape for a water-filled vacation, my family and I love going to Catalina Island.

To get to Catalina Island, plan to drive about seven to eight hours. This road trip is a little unique because you aren’t plugging in “Catalina Island” to your GPS. Instead, you’ll want to plugin the Catalina Express dock in Long Beach.

Getting to the Island is One of the Best Parts

One of my favorite parts about going to Catalina Island is getting there – by car and by boat that is.

There isn’t a bridge for you to drive across to get to the island. You must take a ferry. We take the Catalina Express, which is a one-hour ferry ride from Long Beach (or San Pedro or Dana Point) to the dock.

Plan to keep your car safely parked at the ferry docks. There are very few motor vehicles allowed on Catalina Island. The only engines you’ll probably see while you’re vacationing are golf carts. You can either rent a cart of your own or go by foot to your destination.

Be Prepared for All Weather

Catalina Island is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes, you can get the cold ocean breezes or the tropical storms that will have you reaching for a sweater. Other times, you won’t want to wear anything more than your bathing suit. When you’re packing, be prepared for all kinds of weather. You don’t want to get caught with the wrong attire or you’ll have a hard time enjoying your trip.

What to Do

When my family and I go to Catalina Island, we love to visit the small shops. A lot of people make things by hand, which makes for fun souvenirs that are different from your ordinary trinkets.

During the day, we soak up the sun by playing in the water or just lounging. There are beaches to relax on, boats to rent, fishing, kayaking, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, scuba, stand-up paddle boards, or tubing. Basically, there’s something for everyone in your family.

You can also check out the zip line eco tour, which sends you soaring through the canopies of the island.

The restaurants and nightlife are great too. There are plenty of small restaurants around the island where you can eat. When the sun goes down, there are small bars where you can enjoy a drink and unwind from all the fun you had during the day.

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