Spooky Sounds Coming From Under the Car

Things feel a little spookier this time of year. Jack-o-lantern’s start lining the porches of Vail and Rita Ranch homes, ghosts swing in the trees and witches brew up their haunting brew before taking a night ride on their broomstick. As the spirit of Halloween starts to take full effect, one thing might be scaring you more than any zombie, bat, or skeleton – sounds coming from under the car.

As much as we love the Halloween season around here, there is one thing we don’t want you to get spooked by – a poor running car.

The rumbles, clunks, and swishing noises you’re hearing could haunt you long after October 31 if they’re not diagnosed and repaired. If your hearing any of these strange noises, it might be time to brave a trip into our shop.

A Knocking Noise

Does it sound like a goblin is underneath your car, knocking while you drive? It could be a bad ball joint or your struts in your suspension.

The suspension system is designed to keep your tires firmly on the ground. When you go over a speed bump or hit a pot hole, the suspension system kicks into gear to smooth out your ride and keep you even keel on the road.

A bad ball joint or bad struts will sound like a knocking noise. This means your tires and suspension are uneven. The longer you drive with this noise, the more uneven wear and tear you’re putting on your tires. This can cause abnormal wear and tear, forcing you to get new tires faster than you’d like to.

A Squeal and Shriek

When you hit the brakes, do you hear a high-pitched squeal or shriek from underneath your car? Chances are, your brakes or wheels are in some kind of trouble.

As you hit the brakes, the system is designed to bring your car to a stop quietly and effectively. If your brake pads (the part of your brake system that pads the metal brakes from your metal wheels) are wearing down, you will hear a high-pitched squeal or shriek. If the sound is loud and you can hear the metal grinding on metal, your brake pads might be so worn that they’re damaging your brake rotors. In either case, it’s important to get checked out.

A Loud Exhaust or Metal Clank

It won’t be easy to creep around your neighborhood this Halloween if your muffler or resonator are on the fritz.

The entire exhaust system is made up of many parts including the tail pipe, manifold, and catalytic converter. Each of these parts is located underneath your car and works to keep your engine running smoothly and quietly. If it’s not secured and working correctly, you could notice a loud sound coming from underneath your chassis. Often times this can also sound like a metal clank while your car is in motion.

Treat Yourself This Halloween

This year, you want to spend your time focusing on costumes, candy, and creepy crawlies – not car problems. If you’re hearing any of these noises, treat yourself this Halloween by bringing in your car today. The faster we can make repairs, the more your pocketbook will thank you. Act fast. Save money. We’ve got you covered.

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