Our Car Repair Services Get You Back on the Road Fast

If your car is out of commission, everything seems a little bit harder. You can’t get to work, to your child’s soccer games, or to the grocery store without asking for a lift.

When something’s wrong, you want your car fixed fast so that you can get back on the road. More importantly, you want your car fixed right so that you can stay on the road without hassle or inconvenience.

We get it! With help from our experienced mechanics, you get expert hands working on your car so that you can get your freedom back. While you wait, enjoy free coffee, television, magazines, and comfort in our clean waiting area.

Mechanical Services to Keep Your Car Running

Here are a few of the ways our mechanics can help keep your car up and running.

Oil Changes
We protect your car with the best oil from Valvoline. From premium conventional oil to full synthetic, give your car the treatment it needs to stay running for years to come.

Cooling System Service
Heat can wreak havoc on your car in Arizona. Keep it running smoothly and limit the risk of corrosion with cooling system services.

Automatic Transmission Service
The drivability of your car depends on having a well-maintained transmission. If you’re hearing clunks, clicks, and jumps when you switch gears, we can help.

Power Steering Service
You shouldn’t have to muscle your way around every twist and turn. Keep your power steering running smoothly to make your drive as easy as possible.

Brake Fluid Service
Your brakes are one of the most important safety features of your car. With our brake fluid services, you can stop with confidence whenever, wherever, no matter the speed.

Battery Replacement
Need a new battery? Get a jump and come see us today. We will test, replace, and recycle your old one, and then install a new one.

Air Conditioning Service
Let’s face it. Arizona is hot! To drive comfortably, you need a well-functioning air conditioning. We help you feel cool, no matter how high the mercury soars.

Differential Service
Take each corner with ease and protect your engine from overheating after having a differential service done on your car.

4×4 Drive Service
Going off-roading? Driving in icy, winter weather? Make sure your 4×4 transmission is up to the task!

3 PART Fuel System Service
Are you sure all of the lines, filters, pumps, and injectors are clean and clear so that your car’s engine can get all the fuel it needs? If not, fuel could be clogging up the system. We’ll give your car a 3 PART fuel system service to keep it running.

Engine Flush
Flush the junk out of your engine! With an engine flush, your car operates a little bit cleaner and smoother.

Windshield Wipers/Blades
From monsoon madness to winter drizzles, you need to be able to see out your windshield. We’ll replace your wipers and keep your line of vision clear with new blades.

Need a Service That’s Not Listed Here?

From smart cars to diesel trucks, we’ve worked on it all! Call us or drop in anytime to get started with your repairs.