Pin Point What’s Happening Under the Hood of Your Car

As a car owner, you know when something’s not quite right. Perhaps it’s an unusual sound or sensation while driving. Maybe you panicked when the Check Engine light came on.

  • What does that warning light mean?
  • Is there something wrong?
  • Why does your car handle a little differently on the road?
  • Is it safe to drive?

Diagnosing the problem in your engine is the first step toward safer driving and more affordable repairs. Many times, the problem is minor and can be fixed with ease. But if you ignore the warning signs and delay diagnostic tests, you could experience more trouble and costlier repairs down the road.

Car Diagnostic Services

Starting at $125

When you bring your car into Rita Ranch Automotive & Tire for diagnostic services, we pin point exactly what’s happening under the hood. The diagnostic checks we perform on your car include:

  • A road test to experience the same thing you feel or hear when you’re behind the wheel.
  • A test of the electronic components of your car, including computer and internal diagnostics

If it’s time to have your emissions tested and your check engine light is on, bring it to us first! You won’t pass emissions with a check engine light illuminated. We’ll diagnose why it came on and tell you how we can fix the problem.

There are a number of things that could be going on with your car. Our goal is to look everything over and determine the best and most affordable way for you to get your engine running like new again.

Let the experience and expertise of our mechanics help keep your car in top condition.