From Flat to Fixed: Affordable Tire Repair Services

Whether you woke up to a tire pressure warning light, you’re worried about driving on bald tires or stuck driving on a spare, one thing is certain – your tires need to be checked.

We care about your safety as much as you do. That’s why we offer affordable tire repair services that keep you and everyone around you safe.

FREE Tire Pressure Checks

Did the TPMS light just come on? Get it checked out and have your tires filled up in minutes. Drive in and drive out with our fast, free tire pressure check service.

FREE Wear and Tear Checks

Worried about your old tires? Not sure how much longer they’ll support you on the road? Stop in for a free wear and tear check from people who know tires.

Fix a Flat

Regardless of whether your tire goes flat in your garage or along the side of the road, it’s frustrating. You’re stranded and you need help fast. Drive into our shop on a donut and drive out with a fixed tire that’ll give you a smooth ride.

Replace Your Aging Tires

Blowouts can cause serious accidents. When your tires look old and worn out, it’s more than an eyesore – it’s a safety risk! If your tires have dry cracking, are bald, or are wearing around the side panels, it’s time to have them replaced.

We’ll research a variety of tires to meet your budget. If you find a lower price, bring it in and we’ll do our best to beat it!

Ready for a New Set of Wheels?

From all-season tires to all-terrain, we will find you the perfect wheels for your needs. Call for a quote today or stop by to have one of our experienced mechanics take a look at your tread. No appointment necessary!